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Wendy & DB are going GREEN on this collection of earth-friendly songs! They take us on a journey to outer-space and explore our "HomeEarth" and all the creatures big and small as in, "Bugs that give hugs" and visiting oceans on "Olly thr Orca". Asking questions on the "Water song" Do you know where your water comes from? catching up with a "Girl Superhero" working with Mother nature to make the world a cleaner place. A new evironmentally friendly dance "We Bop" and simple game of "HopScotch" will give your child hours on non-stop fun, jumping, singing and exploring our "HomeEarth" With cameos from Grammy award winning Harmonica player "Howard Levy" and Guitar player "Verlon Thompson" who worked with the Nashville great "Guy Clark". Plenty of other fantastic musicians were on hand to join the fun including two girlsuperhero violists and a drummer and electric guitar player


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