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Rockinhopper at home and Musikgarten classes available.

The classes will be held virtually on Wednesday at 10:00 AM and outdoors live Wednesday at 4:00 PM 

We recommend that an adult be present to participate in the music classes, but it is not mandatory.


It is suggested that each family purchase an instrument kit for use during classes (shaker, 2-rhythm sticks, and scarf).

At home, Instrument Kits are available for purchase in our shop.

Kids love music! 


Babies, toddlers and their families join us in song alongside Wendy Bean and her guitar. Families will enjoy Rock & Roll songs, well-known folk songs, and other favorites.


Kids can join in the fun with finger-play, body awareness activities, call and response, exploring instruments, group dances and games using gross motor skills. Hoops, puppets, scarves, parachute, balls and various instruments are introduced throughout the class. 


Sing and have fun with your children while making music. Instruments are available to purchase at the first class but are not required. This class is perfect for families with siblings!

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