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Stage Plot 

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Wendy and DB

Wendy & DB, an award-winning kindie duo from Chicago, with two guitars, a ukulele, and their voices, write and perform songs about science, nature, diversity, animals, safety, and the arts. Their unique style is reflected in the music and catchy lyrics along with their vocal harmonies. They examine the world with curiosity and what you experience is just plain fun!  Wendy and DB’s live shows for pre-school age children and families explore a variety of instruments and joyful props that get everyone moving, singing, and dancing.  Wendy and DB write their songs with inclusion, diversity, love, kindness, and family values.  

During the pandemic, Wendy and DB have taken an active role in social justice causes by way of moderating a “Be The Change” panel and by feeding kids across American through their “Virtual Kids Music Fest” that benefits No Kid Hungry.


They also generously give a portion to not for profits: Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots, Xerces Society, A Better Life for Kids, Jumpstart, and No Kid Hungry.  They are winners of Parents Choice, NAPPA, and Creative Child Awards and are members of NARAS, CMN, Chicago Federation of Musicians, and Folk Alliance

Discography: Pocket Seasons Rhymes and Reasons, It’s A Doo Da Day, HomeEarth, Hey Big World



Wendy Morgan


Wendy’s first and foremost love was always singing and writing music. So, in 1996, while working a full-time job and doing weekend gigs, Wendy released her first self-penned album “Say Wen”, full of soulful pop songs.  She took some time off to start her family but courageously ended up divorcing when her son was just under three years old. That’s when, as a single mom, she blossomed into a children’s musician/songwriter while teaching voice lessons. Fast forward to the last five years, Wendy has been writing, recording, performing, and touring with Wendy & DB, her original award-winning Kindie Duo. Wendy & DB have released four albums and have performed throughout the US. They also spend time on special music projects with school groups and community choirs to raise money for various social causes and not-for-profit organizations. Wendy has appeared throughout Chicagoland as a featured vocalist in many well-known orchestras. On the national level, her voice has been on television commercials as well as movie cameos and an appearance on the soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” In her spare time, she likes creating art, paddle boarding, skiing, walks in nature, writing her memoir, improv, and spending time with her family and their two dogs, Hemingway and Momo.



Darryl Boggs 


Darryl Boggs has been making music professionally for over 40 years. He has worked in the private and public school systems where he has taught band, choir, and classroom music.  When school budgets were cut he was given kindergarten through third-grade level classes where he found his love of crafting songs for young children. Darryl is half of the award-winning, Chicago-based kindie duo Wendy & DB. The duo has released four albums and has performed throughout the US. The pair enjoy their work on special music projects with school groups and community choirs to raise money and awareness for various social causes and not-for-profit organizations. Wendy and DB’s freshman album, Pockets, Seasons, Rhymes and Reasons, was his first CD as a composer and lyricist. Darryl enjoys live theater and movies and listening to attending jazz concerts.

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