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Madison's Children's Museum Opens New Wonderground

A big chunk of the Madison Children's Museum's downtown real estate sat unused for years — until now. The corner of the property at E. Dayton and N. Hamilton held a dilapidated parking structure long since deemed unfit for use, and staff had even stopped walking across it for fear it would give out. In April, the museum demolished the lot, and on Saturday, it inaugurated the new space: Wonderground.

A fantastical, 10,000-square-foot children’s play area filled with places to climb, nestle in and explore, Wonderground is the museum’s biggest expansion since moving to its current location at 100 N. Hamilton in 2010. The museum is celebrating the new space with a weekend event called WonderPalooza, complete with musical performances, art activities, dance workshops and, of course, lots of play time.

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Wendy & DB perform children’s music during the grand opening of the Madison Children's Museum’s new outdoor play area, called Wonderground.

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