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Wendy and DB are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Jumpstart For Young Children, a national early education nonprofit working toward the day every child enters kindergarten prepared to succeed!

For 16 years, Jumpstart’s global campaign, Read for the Record, has raised awareness about the importance of early literacy by bringing people together to read the same book on the same day – at home, in classrooms, libraries, and more! To increase access to high-quality books, Jumpstart selects a new picture book each year and publishes a special edition paperback filled with exclusive educational activities.

On October 28th, we will read Amy Wu and the Patchwork Dragon by Kat Zhang, a story exploring cultural symbols, family, and the power of self-affirmation that children and adults alike will have fun discovering and discussing in their own lives.

To kick off celebrations, we wrote an official Read for the Record theme song:

Join us by purchasing your copy of Amy Wu and pledging to read on Read for the Record Day!

All friends of Wendy and DB are eligible for a special offer of 10% off your purchase!** Just use code MUSIC10 at checkout!

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Coming soon (virtually!)

Wendy & DB along with the HHW Choir will be participating in the Children's Music Network International Conference.

The HHW choir is an amazing choir that has worked with Wendy and DB on our special songs in schools projects.

They will be performing “Way is Peace” and "Shine Alight” both songs written and performed with Wendy and DB!

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Gibberish. Hours and hours of gibberish. Kids love gibberish. You are saying something, but no one has any idea what you’re talking about. That’s gibberish. Oh my gosh, I even created and learned a gibberish language when I was young to communicate with my friends so that our parents wouldn’t understand what we were talking about. It is known that babies first start with coos and sounds to develop language skills. Only they know what they are trying to say! But to us - sounds like gibberish. Think about being around a group of kids speaking a foreign language you don’t understand. Sounds like gibberish, doesn’t it? At least until you learn what the words mean. I was inspired to write a gibberish song by my three year old buddy, Ella. She and I were just having a great time speaking gibberish to one another. After which I thought jazz singers have embraced gibberish for years. Why can’t a children’s song do that? One day DB and I were getting ready to start a concert and DB was noodling on his guitar. I was listening, all the while thinking I wanted to write a gibberish song and upon hearing DB’s funky strumming away, I knew that was it. Our gibberish song! And DB blurts out “Gibberito.” “‘That’s it!,” I said - a perfect title to our song. Creativity has to be captured. I had so much fun finding words to rhyme with Gibberito and researching all kinds of gibberish words and phrases. It turns out nonsense is fun. That is how “Gibberito” was born.

The International Songwriting Competition chose our song “Gibberito” for the short list of Semi-finalists! The song, by Darryl Boggs and Wendy Morgan was produced by Rich Rankin and our sound engineer Jim Massoth along with our band Geoffrey Lowe, Dennis Calito and Rich Stitzel.

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